Our Motive

We are Volunteers, working towards spreading the good values of Education for those aspiring and committed to meet their educational set goals. The cost of good education is very high and low income earners find it difficult to attain university education which is mostly required in this present day. There are numerous number of scholarships provided by ''generous'' individuals, Institutions, organizations and governments but some of these scholarships are mostly left unclaimed yearly just because some seekers cannot have access to the information regarding the funding.The lastestscholarships search for those scholarships and create the database to make it easier for scholarship seekers to easily access them and contact the providers for information about the scholarship and application. Latestscholarship is not the scholarship provider, it just creates the database as researched on on different websites of providers. Wish you best of luck in your search using latestscholarships.com, it is a free service for all.

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