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Scholarships Scams

Many Students have fallen victims of internet scholarship scam and have being exploited by illegitimate organizations that promise them scholarships. They present themselves credible but they end up defrauding Scholarship seekers who seek their assistance. There are many ways to detect and avoid losing money to fake scholarship providers.

  1. Do not pay money – no matter how small the charging application fees may be, please avoid paying money for scholarship application. Why must you pay money to apply for scholarship?
  2. Avoid dealing with third Party – it is advisable to directly contact the Scholarship providers/Sponsors and make necessary inquiries about the Scholarship
  3. Scholarship Guaranteed – You should be careful if you come across scholarship application and they promise that you will win. It is a scam.
  4. We will do all the work – Sound too nice? It is bogus. Try and search and apply yourself. What you need to be careful of is to follow the instruction of the scholarship provider. Do not allow anybody to Apply on your behalf, it will end up charging you money
  5. Stay away from Scholarship announcement that request for your Credit card or your bank account information. You may be defrauded giving them your credit card information.
  6. Unsolicited emails or Phone calls – Do not accept scholarship you did not apply for. You need to apply before you can be considered.


 Scholarship Advantages

Advantages of getting scholarship for college funding is enormous. Some of these include;

  1. Scholarships are free and you do not need to pay back after studying unlike student loans.
  2. Since there is no bond, student upon graduation will be able to work and save funds successfully for other important expenses
  3. Scholarships provide financial supports, free money for college education
  4. It makes resume stand out, an advantage when applying for employment
  5. Scholarships ease the burden of tuition fees and other expenses covered by the scholarship. This will help you concentrate on your studies and increase your grades
  6. It also help to improve the research capability of the student. Students spend more time researching for Scholarship that suit his/her qualification, this may help to improve his research capability
  7. Applying for and getting a scholarship can be taken upon oneself as a challenge to test the potentials and the qualities you have to stand out among thousands of applicants and being chosen as one of the best
  8. Scholarships provide opportunity to students from low income family to purse their college education


Scholarship Tips

Before applying for scholarships, it is essential to notice the information regarding a particular scholarship as requested by the Sponsors. Ask yourself, what type of scholarships are you looking for? Some scholarships are for Postdoctoral Research Studies and some are for Postgraduate (MSc and Doctoral) Studies. While Scholarship can also be granted for Undergraduate Studies and also for short time Research Grants or Thesis support at different academic degree level. So you need to know informations about a certain scholarship before sending your application. The following information may also help you in getting a prefect scholarship for your college funding

  1. Search early - Finding a good scholarship is often not an easy task, begin search as early as possible to avoid missing the deadline. Some scholarships require submitting essays and other application materials which will take time to gather together.
  2. Check out for the deadline - Application for Scholarship should be submitted before the deadline. Late application may be disregarded by the Scholarship provider. It is therefore necessary to keep the date in mind and apply as early as possible. Application materials should be sent through registered mails to guarantee that your application will be received.
  3. Be honest- Submit authentic documents and make sure that the information provided is true, correct and complete. be sincere with your financial situation, if asked
  4. Check the Eligibility – It is important to check if you are eligible for the scholarship. Some scholarships are restricted for particular geographical locations. Read the application requirements very well. Check the nationality, gender, age, target field and academic level.
  5. Follow instruction – Read the instruction carefully and submit everything as requested by the scholarship sponsor. Check the method of Application, whether through online or by mail. Follow the application procedure and submit your supporting documents in the format preferred by the Sponsors
  6. Proofread - Read through the essays, letters and other supportive documents to check for errors and make necessary corrections. Use your computer spelling and grammar features to check for errors. You can also ask your friends, teachers or parents to read through your essays and check for typographic errors


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